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Support For: Feminine Processes!



A blend that supports feminine system issues! Ironically, specific beautiful blossoms support the balancing of feminine tissues, cells, and the entire system. Lavender, rose, chamomile contains compounds that are supportive of female parts. Top herbalists tell us that two superior herbs that ar! supportive of the normalization of present abnormal vaginal cells are echinacea angustifolia and angelica root! It truly is a beautiful, feminine blend!

You may also want to consider using this blend as a navel soak. We offer it as a Feminine Solutions™  signatureessential oil blend and Feminine Solutions infused oil, which may be best but you can combine all three for the ultimate collaboration!

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Weight6.1 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 7 in

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Proprietary Blend of: Mutumba bark, Wintergreen leaf, Wildcrafted Oak bark, Matarique (aerial parts), Damania leaf, Wildcrafted Taray bark, Wildcrafted Weeping willow (aerial parts), Wildcrafted Wild cherry bark, Wildcrafted Dogwood (aerial parts + flower), Wildcrafted Wild violet (full-spectrum), Wildcrafted Wild lettuce (full-spectrum).


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