Rectal/Vaginal Inserts

45 Inserts

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Inserts are an amazing way to “think outside of the box” to accomplish reaching deeper areas. Many pathogens and parasites live in hard-to-reach areas, such as the pelvis, the small intestine, and within the colon itself. Most remedies never pass the blood/brain barrier, mainly because compounds may be damaged, or redirected, during digestion. We can utilize adaptogens or bypass digestion all together to receive these constituents.

We love this product because it can be used in different ways. Inserts may be used in the color or the vagina, or even at once! We feel that using them at night, during sleep, may offer the best results.

This product entails a jar of 45 inserts. We encourage everyone to do their own research on utilizing this method to support health.



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Insert Variations:

Boric Acid, Black Seed Zinc™, Biofilm Grenade™ (Biofilm Matrix Support), Candida Solutions™, Constipation Solutions™, CrysaLynn™, Drowsy~Ease™ (Rest Support), Encystment Solutions™ (Cyst Support), Feminine Solutions™ (Feminine System Support), Fluke~Ease™ (Fluke Support), Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™ (Fungal Support), Garlic Tears™ (Garlic, Asafoetida, & Blk Pepper), Glutathione, Hemorrhoidal Solutions™, Homeostase~Ease™ (Spleen Support), Impurit~Ease™ (Toxin Binding Support), Liver~Ease™ (Liver Support), Lyme Solutions™ (Top 8 Lyme Supportive Herbs), Medi Mush™ (Medicinal Mushroom Support), Parasite~Ease™, Pathogen Purge™, Plasma~Ease™ (Blood/Circulatory Support), Pro/Pre~Ease™ (Probiotic Biome Support), Rope Solutions™ (Rope Worm/Mucus Support), Tape Solutions™ (Tapeworm Support), Urinary~Ease™ (Urinary System Support), Viral~Ease™ (Viral Support)


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