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This special blend was inspired by world-renown herbalist, Dr. Buhner’s suggestion to take herbs that may have special mopping capabilities! We are told that an herb contained in this blend, upon heating it, compounds may be released that then mop up toxins, including fungal, on a systemic level! He tells us that it may reach a superiorly high percentage of existing toxins. Many types of toxins may accumulate in our systems, then causing immunity to becoming suppressed. Keeping these toxins at a low level may help us in many ways.

The cocoa content offers a rich, dense flavor and this herb has always been highly spoken of by sufferers, specifically for toxins, which in turn seem to be possibly helping with the “Herxheimer Reaction”. Yucca root is commonly used for toxin support as well. We even add different types of clays, including glacial, which is revered as also possibly being highly and widely anti-bacterial. As a matter of fact, it is currently being studied for this reason!

We have received amazing feedback from our customers that have used it and we can just say that the results have been phenomenal. It seems to be supporting everything from toxins to sensitivities! As a matter of fact, we can say that this is one of our most popular products. Our customer base expands solely on word of mouth and that says a lot when it comes to its popularity. We encourage you to get the tea option, due to the heating in the preparation releasing essential compounds. 

A tincture or glycerite of this blend can also be added to a hot cup of water, although, boiling for the required time may offer the best results. 

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Toxin Mop™ Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: Cacao bean, Cordyceps, Reishi, Isatis root, Clays: (Bentonite, Moroccan, European, Glacial), Cilantro leaf, Yucca root, Licorice root, Orange peel.


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