Lyme Solutions™ Essential Oil


Signature Blend Essential Oil

100% Pure / Therapeutic-Grade / Steam Distilled

May Support: Lyme Pathogens, Coinfections, & Natural Antibiotic Compounds!

Lipospheric Essential Oils May Offer Broad Systemic Effects!


Lyme Solutions Essential Oil Discussion:

An essential oil blend, based on our signature herbal blend, Lyme Solutions. The herbal blend actually contains a safe amount of this essential oil! Both are very potent blends, even though there are no similar plants. Sadly, the plants that the herbal blend is made with are not available as essential oils.

The effects of essential oils on Lyme pathogens are currently being studied. The most promising information we have found so far is that a blend like this is claimed to have helped sufferers of Lyme Disease. It is said to fight Borrelia in its active and inactive forms. Lyme and its coinfections are known to be some of the toughest pathogens on the planet to fight. As a matter of fact, it is said that within the use of a lipospheric blend for five months, such as this, some Lyme Disease sufferers claim that they now feel as though they have beat it!

We were the first company to offer lipospheric essential oils! We may actually offer them at the lowest prices for the quality, especially the lipospheric variation! Many of our conditions are systemic, therefore, we need remedies that have bioavailable capabilities, which is what lipospheric essential oils specialize in!

Lipospheric oils may be the most bioavailable form, capable of penetrating our cells and the blood-brain barrier. When oil is added to water, it floats, as they remain separated. Yet, when you put them through the lipospheric process together, the oil, dissolved oxygen, water, and herbal molecules become one! The lipospheric process uses an emulsifier to create a bubble around the oil, herb, and oxygen molecules. The oil becomes a part of the solution and is distributed throughout.

Essential Oils are the Soul Essence of a Plant

We have enjoyed working very closely with essential oils for years, gaining working knowledge, obtaining feedback, and getting personal experience according to their scents, properties, dangers, blending preferences, synergistic qualities, and similarities! We have collected our inventory from all over the world, offering an amazing catalog for you to choose from!

Don’t be fooled by the big names that hire marketing companies, claiming their oils are unique to them. This takes fresher plant material, and different plants, having specific growing locations that aren’t within their reach. There is NO single company, in the entire world, with capabilities to make every essential oil. We have found sources that may be supplying some of them as well. assure you quality, purity, and reputability, but at an economical price! You truly do not need to spend a fortune on essential oils to receive benefits.

Essential oils heighten our emotional, mental, and physical states by supporting the body’s natural processes. Each molecule delivers healing properties by either inhalation or topical penetration. The molecules penetrate our cells, then the blood/brain barrier, ultimately coming into contact with the olfactory system, which uses tiny nerves and sensors that pass signals on to the brain. The brain then becomes a messenger, releasing neurotransmitters to initiate the supportive processes.

This also avoids touching or spilling them. No one wants to sacrifice or waste quality essential oils. Each oil has its own identity, signature label, and gem details. The individual labels avoid you having to turn each bottle to find what you’re looking for.

Most of our essential oils are steam distilled, which is the traditional extraction method. We prefer cold-pressed oils of most citrus peels. We also carry a few absolutes, as many of the most delicate blossom oil in the world can only be extracted in this way.

We are proud to be a pioneer in the use of essential oils for belly button soaking! These are new and uncharted connections that have only begun to be researched. The navel is connected directly and indirectly to the most important parts and processes of the body! You can learn more about navel soaking by going reading the product information of Belly Button Solutions

Two other places on the body, where we suggest applying your properly diluted essential oils to are the dent between the back shoulder blades, where every nerve of the body may crisscross. We also have a vein on the back of our necks that may act as a portal to deeper areas. There is little to no information available that can be found on the accessibility of these areas.

Essential oils provide a natural, toxin-free way of replacing chemical household and cosmetic products. Do your own alchemy and create your own D.I.Y. concoctions at home. Otherwise, simply choose a signature blend. The uses and benefits are limitless!

Understand the term “carrier oil”. The name indicates that it binds and carries the essential oil molecule into the skin. Otherwise, they may sit on the skin’s surface, burning with direct application. Oils that are considered to be carriers are, but not limited to: coconut, olive, avocado, sunflower, and grape seed.

I offer many carrier oils in the “Carrier Oil Solutions section of this website. Get to know the cautions of your oils. Not all oils are used in aromatherapy, and some contain phototropic compounds, causing the skin to burn if exposed to excessive sunlight. You could learn life-changing information!

DIY Ideas May Be: Belly button soaks, back of the neck, between the shoulder blades, bottoms of the feet, wrists, beneath the breasts, body wash additive, breath fresheners, carpet powder additive, perfume, room/linen spray, cosmetic additive, diffusing, flavoring in food, foot/hand & detox baths/soaks, home cleaning water additive, insect bite & possible preventative, jetted tubs, as a preservative, laundry freshener/sanitizer, additive for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, shower gel, candles, soap, for washing produce, room and vehicle fresheners, vacuum and trash can fresheners, aromatherapy and steam inhalation, and many others!

Welcome to the World of Essential Oils!

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