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A uric acid detox product that contains powerful herbs packed into a gentle delivery of vegetable glycerin, distilled water, and a bit of alcohol. They say that during digestion, much of the supplements that we take may be lost. This is mainly why we utilize liquid products, such as this. The liquid extracts the plant compounds and suspends them, preserving them and making them ready for use. As we always say, this is similar to the way plants uptake vitamins and minerals in nature! The three liquids may have capabilities to extract different compounds. What water extracts may be different than what you obtain with alcohol. The blend of the three ensures there are no compounds left behind!

The kidneys are the two small organs at the base of our ribs, one on each side of our spine, which protects them. They are the core of the body’s urinary filtration system. We cannot detox properly if they are not functioning in the right ways. If the kidneys are burdened, then so are all of our other organ systems. 

There are more toxic substances to handle than ever before, which can come from many sources, including beauty and personal products, as well as medications. When water is low, the high production of uric acid in the body may lead to the formation and accumulation of aggregates that we call stones. Detoxification of uric acid may help to lower inflammation and stone formation within the kidneys, as well as other parts of the body known to possibly be affected by uric acids, like the lower legs and feet. The uric acid crystal formations have shards that jut out and are sharp. They may poke around inside the body to puncture tissues, which is known to be very painful. 

One of the best things you may possibly do to keep the kidneys and urinary system running well and uric acid-free is to cleanse the kidneys as often as you can. A blend like this may detox this acid on a consistent basis. 

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UricAcid~Ease™ Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: Distilled water, WC Freeze-Dried Cherry 25% Extract, Stinging nettle (full-spectrum), WC Phellodendron bark, Vegetable glycerin, Alcohol, WC Celery (full-spectrum), WC Bidens pilosa (full-spectrum), Birchbark, WC Willow bark, Alfalfa leaf, Devil’s claw, Frankincense resin.


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