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Disease Solutions® Magnesium oil spray offers transdermal ways of magnesium application. Many suffer from aches and pains and are seeking solutions. Offering solutions is what we aim to do.
The skin is highly absorbable and can also be used as a method of administration, bypassing digestion, targeting areas faster, and possibly even in higher concentrations. Topical absorption is more readily available.
Magnesium is an essential mineral for calcium absorption, maintaining a healthy heart, normal digestion, and the nervous system. Many people are deficient in magnesium and topical therapy may be an effective way to supplement it. Studies exhibited a significant increase in cellular magnesium levels when magnesium therapy is done, long-term. 
This is not your oral or Epsom salt form. These products are made with magnesium chloride, which may offer the highest bioavailability and is intensely stronger than both. Magnesium chloride flakes are dissolved to create a saturated solution. 
Simply apply the preferred product to the skin, rubbing in circles on the places where absorption may be superior. Places like the torso, under the arms, chest, thighs, stomach, hands, and feet may efficiently deliver the magnesium compounds. You can also focuse on core muscles for effective pain relief. After thirty minutes, you can wash it off or apply a moisturizer to lock it in. It is safe to be left on the skin. Even though magnesium sprays are called “oil”, they are actually water-based. The consistency of the magnesium itself feels like a delicate oil, hence the name. 
To customize your experience, we offer a range of Disease Solutions® signature essential oils to choose from. They offer another level of benefits. The names are intended to be self-explanatory as far as what they may support. You may also get your product unscented.
May Support: 
  • Sleep & Insomnia
  • Muscle Aches & Relaxation
  • Managing Blood Sugar
  • Reducing Stress, Hypertension, & High Blood Pressure
  • Reducing Migraines and Headaches 
  • Stabilizing Hormones 
  • DHEA Stabilization
  • Relaxation of the Nervous System
  • Bone Health 
  • Reducing Lactic Acid Buildup
  • Advanced Cellular Absorption 
  • Smoother & Softer Skin

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Magn~Ease~Ium™ Ingredients;

This product comes with a scented option. Each scent consists of different essential oils. Each signature scent is also available as pure essential oil. Therefore, if you want to know exactly which oils are in every scent, simply do a search for that oil to see what is in it. Here are the base ingredients of Magn~Ease~Ium.

Proprietary Ingredients: Aloe vera gel, Magnesium chloride, Distilled water, D.M.S.O. (Dimethyl sulfoxide), Essential oil fragrance.




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