ParaMite~Ease™ Concentrate


Concentrated D.I.Y. Additive

Multi-Pathogenic / Sanitatizing / Mites / Repellent

Not For Ingestion!


This product is intended for any pathogen, including mites, parasites, and their eggs. We suggest using it as an additive in every way that you can think of, including laundry, cleaning water, carpet shampoo, and even diluted to use directly on the skin! It also makes an amazing additive to cleaning and laundry solutions!

We have been informed that it is working magically for lesions on the skin as well! It is recommended for the most extreme cases of pathogen infestations.

When a parasite infestation happens, many don’t understand the processes that may be occurring. The eggs alone may cause constant reinfection. Thoroughly cleaning the home and everything in it may be key to finally clearing of the home. Eggs may become airborne to adhere to walls, curtains, ceilings, and anywhere else they have the capability to reach. It may be imperative to cleanse everything in the home and other living spaces, including the car!

There are many mite sufferers that are referred to by many names, like Demodex, Coembella, Springtails, scabies, and there are others. I developed this blend for these types of infestations specifically, yet it has been very successful with many types of infestations thus far, according to feedback!  It is said to repel and to possibly rid of whatever is causing your issue, including parasites!

Mites can reside in microscopic places, including the skin, eyelashes, and they can also infest your environment. There is a misconception that mites can live inside the body, although there is no evidence to support that. Certain species live on the skin’s surface, while others burrow deep into the dermis layer. Many people have an allergy to mite droppings, which may cause internal processes to take place. Reoccurring bites from mites may lower iron levels, which may cause anemia, and ultimately result in cardiac issues.

Many also believe that mites may be attracted to fungus. Many that suffer from mites, many times also suspect an internal fungal issue, whether it be before or after their infestation. The belief could be due to mites lowering immunity, allowing the fungus to thrive, True or not, it is worth looking into for your health!

This is an intense additive, that should ONLY be used as a topical agent. Do NOT ever ingest ingredients such as these.

This solution should be used with care, as it contains the most powerful ingredients that I could find to help win the battle. There are no options for scent, as it contains 6 signature blends but its main signature oil is the Mite~Ease

Simply use a higher dilution on children and around animals. I would be doing a disservice by only offering products made from it, and not the base itself.

The concentrate comes in a 2 or a 4 oz. bottle and may last a long time. You can add as little or as much that is needed to meet your needs. Usage ideas may be, for example, in a detox bath, room spray, cleaning solution for the home, laundry, carpet shampoo solution, lotion, and some have reported that they tolerate it in pure form to get lesion support. 

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ParaMite~Ease™ Concentrate Ingredients;

Proprietary Ingredients: Alcohol, Yarrow extract (full-spectrum), Chrysanthemum extract (full-spectrum), Sulfur, Pure gum resin, Colloidal silver, Diatomite, Ferula resin extract, Castor oil, Oleic acid, Benzyl benzoate, Enzyme complex, Essential oil fragrance.



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