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Planting/Growing “Octopus/Indian” Heliotrope Discussion:

This is not your common, or traditional, heliotrope. Its botanical name is Heliotropium indicum. I have been growing Indian Heliotrope for years now, for its medicinal properties. I was introduced to it as “Octopus Heliotrope”, which is also goes known as “Indian Heliotrope” as well. It was stunningly odd with flowers that looked like an octopus or an elephant’s trunk. I was curious about its medicinal properties after reading information about the drinking water sterilization uses of it by ancient cultures. It is native to places like Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay. They say that it has spread so far and wide that it is now naturally in most of the tropic areas. It is used as medicine in most every country that it is native to, including India and Jamaica.

Be sure to plant them 18 inches apart. It is easy to grow, a very fast grower, and a rapid reproducer. It is an annual that can grow up to 4 ft. tall, and 3 ft. wide. They say it may act as a perennial if kept indoors, yet in my experience it seemed very cold-sensitive. It likes the full sun and is known to grow in water-logged pools, ditches, and waste lands. It grows best in zones 9-11 but again, it has thrived as an annual here in zone 7b. As a matter of fact, it began to self-seed and take over!

The plant is completely covered in coarse hairs, including both sides of the leaf, which give it a sticky feel. It has a potent odor. The flower stems are around the length of 10 cm, and they are curled, with the beautiful flowers facing upwards.

Indian/Octopus Heliotrope takes approximately 85-120 days to mature. Its flowers fall off, the seeds begin to get plump, and eventually they turn brown. We are told that it may be best to plant them indoors, up to 12 weeks before the last frost. I have personally never had an issue with planting them in the Spring and getting a bountiful harvest in the fall, which is in zone 7b.

Since it is a native plant to tropic areas, seeds do not need stratification.

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