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Essential Oil / Carrier OIl 

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Over and over again, we have been requested to whip together a blend that could be used in steam. Feedback has shown to be a success while using this aromatherapy solution. We put it through a lipospheric method of energetic enhancement, which allows the essential oils any water molecules to evenly disperse inside, meaning they are blended thoroughly, keeping any oils from separating or floating on top of the water-based components. The liposhperic process adds an oxygen molecule to the oil and water, holding them together, bound into one. With a shake of the bottle, it is ready to use, even on the skin.  Oil and water clearly can mix, under the right conditions. The oxygen addition is apparent in the color changes that occur.

It is a concentrate that is ready to use. It has a dense, thick consistency, to liquify beautifully in your preferred steaming base. The method of nebulizing may assist with opening of airways. There are far fewer signature scent options when compared to other products but this should be a pleasant experience, with pleasant-smelling oils. The essential oils have their own pathogenic, immune-stimulatory, and other multidimensional benefits. 

We use components recommended by top naturopaths in the Lyme and mold community as well as many herbs that we consider to be superior support for the respiratory system. During a gentle steam inhalation, they may be carried into the body and circulated into the lungs. Be sure that you tolerate anything at the recommended dilution before using it at full potential.

It contains herbs that fight pathogens on a scale above most others, in our opinion. There are many immune-supportive compounds, including vitamin c. It contains herbs that feel as though the airways start to open, the second you breathe them in. The constituents support the release of phlegm and may relieve congestion. 

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