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Metals are one, of numerous factors, that may be accumulating in our body, in turn possibly suppressing our immune system. Noxious agents and metals may ultimately increase our vulnerability to microbes. This blend has metal chelation components like alginate, MSM, modified citrus pectin, alpha-lipoic acid, glutathione, and more. 

When you specifically focus on a metal detox, it may be best to do it on a more intense level, as in 6-hour rotations, throughout the day. The night is a bit harder but do the best you can. Some compounds are only capable of carrying metals for so long, or so far. As they are released, another compound may come in and sweep it up and carry it out further. Drinking extra water is necessary to get the job done as well. It is suggested to divide your weight by 3 and to drink that many ounces in water, daily.

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