Bug Bite Solutions™ Kit


Bite Site / Tick Removal & Care Kit

Inspired By Dr. Stephen Buhner Recommendations

Valued At $100

Tincture OR Glycerite Option



Bug Bite Solutions Kit Includes: 

  • 5 Bandages – Multi-Sizes.
  • 5 Tick Removal Tools – Metal Removal Tools & Plastic Twisting Tools
  • 2 Glass Vials – Storing ticks for optional testing or to discard.
  • 2 Blank Labels – Log valuable information (time, date, & species). 
  • 5 Povidone Iodine Prep Pads – Disinfection of the site once the tick is removed.
  • 1 oz. Bug Bite Tincture – Orally use for 5-7 days following a bite.
  • 2 oz. Bite SiteSkin Salve – Bite site application, day & night.
  • 10 ml. Bite Site 100% Essential Oil – Refill the Bite Site spray.
  • 2 oz. Bite Site Spray – Use to make the DIY repelling spray.
  • 10 ml. Insect Solutions 100% Essential Oil – Dilute to make DIY repelling spray.
  • 2 oz. Empty Spray Bottle – Use to make the DIY repelling spray.
  • Miniature Flashlight – Working flashlight, batteries included.
  • Identification Photos – Identify the top 7 ticks and their nymph stages.
  • Tick Removal Instructions – Clear written instructions on how to remove ticks.


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Modern times require an urgency for everyone to supply the home with a kit, like this. It contains the required tools needed to remove a tick safely, as well as extra information, signature blend products, and the necessities. It includes bite site skin salve and a spray, to immediately apply. There is also a tincture to take orally, up to one week after the bite occurs, ensuring systemic coverage. We have also included pure essential oils, to refill some of the signature blend products, including those that are D.I.Y. There are 200 drops in a 10 ml. bottle. With only needing 30 drops to make a 2 oz. refill, we have supplied enough for up to 7 refills of each essential oil product!

When a tick bites, it may infect us with pathogens that enter and go directly to the lymphatic system. In this area, they have complete access to anywhere in our body. The herbs used contain systemic lymphatic and anti-spirochetal compounds. It is misinformation to say that ticks are the only insect exhibiting this type of danger. It is suspected that any bug capable of penetrating the blood may have the same pathogenic capabilities! Preparation like this may actually reduce the risk of infection as well.

The goal is to remove the tick swiftly and immediately, with as little agitation as possible. Do not use alternate methods of painting or smothering it. Time and minimal aggravation are of the essence. Having a kit on hand speeds up the process, minimizes the confusion, and causes less frantic worry by knowing that you have all the tools needed available, all together in one place. Every minute saved is priceless!

Once the tick is removed, the first step is to gently apply the iodine, to sanitize the area. After the iodine dries, follow it with applications of the Bite Site topical spray, misting the bite site. Once that dries, the Bite Site skin salve can be used, especially at night, to ensure compounds remaining idle on the skin, around the clock. The provided Bug Bite Solutions tincture may help to fight systemic spirochetal pathogens. It may emit from the body during sweat, offering systemic protection from them as well. The diluted remedies are animal and child-safe, at the appropriate dose, and using caution for the felines.

You may want to use this kit for 5-7 days after a bite occurs. I offer all remedies and the tools separately, for you to  restock your supply, replacing what is provided to always have some on hand.

All essential supplies, including a spray bottle and full instructions of tool and remedy use and how to make them are provided for you. There is NO other kit like this!

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Complete Kit Options:

Complete Kit With A Bug Bite™ Tincture, Complete Kit With A Bug Bite™ Glycerite


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