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Digestive Enzymes

You may ask yourself if things like managing your weight, digesting your food, or boosting your metabolism would be easier if your body had assistance. The logical answer would be: “Of course!” We have the option today to supplement helpful tools, like enzymes, so that the body didn’t have to struggle to create them on its own. A complex like this may be one of the best things you can do in attempts to support digestion.

This enzyme complex provides support for, and focuses on dismantling food particles. It does this by creating a dense, enzymatic probiotic, digestive pool that is powerful in breaking down whatever dips into it. Each enzyme has a “specialty” molecule that it was designed by “Mother Nature” to dismantle. They work with a “lock and key” mechanism that grabs onto the particle, locking onto it like a puzzle piece.

Our saliva contains amylase and other enzymes that are considered to be the beginning of the digestive process. As soon as food comes into contact with it, it starts to break it down immediately. When saliva is stimulated a signal is sent to tell our body that food is on the way down. There are many enzymes the body has to make for the many food particles and this complex contains some of them.

Protease is an amazing enzyme for digestive uses because it goes after both proteins and carbohydrates. It also has systemic capabilities. Glucose oxidase breaks down glucose molecules, into gluconolactone. In that process hydrogen peroxide is produced. It was designed to preserve honey and pollens! Its preservative properties are used to keep foods from spoiling from both mold and pathogens.

Plant matter is made up of cellulose and hemicellulose is commonly called the “glue” that holds it together. Our body does not create cellulose and this may be why many complain of not digesting some foods well, like broccoli. When we digest matter,the sustenance recieved is instantly absorbed through the gut wall, where it then goes into the body for processing. If we do not break matter down, it is a missed opportunity of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. Partially digested food will go to the large intestine, continuing to be digested, but mainly by the harmful scavenging microbes. We should be receiving that instead!

As partially digested food travels down it may cause gas, bloating, and discomfort.

Amylase is an enzyme that our body uses to break down complex starches into smaller carbohydrate molecules. In simple terms, this means that it breaks down foods like breads, as our body uses them as fuel and energy on a cellular level. I only use trace amounts of amylase, which is just enough to assist with digesting these sugar molecules quickly in the gut, rather than feed the microbes waiting below.

I also incorporate an extra .2 oz. of colostrum from grass-fed bovines of New Zealand, the purest, and most ethically harvested that you will find. That gives this product a weight of 1.5 oz., rather than the enzymatic 1.3 oz. blends. You have the option to have it in your enzymatic blend, or not. The colostrum may provide you with a richness of everything that is needed for optimal digestion, as the feedback on using it for digestive, and overall support, has shown its popularity as a remedy itself. Colostrum is the first milk produced in the mammary glands of mammals immediately after the newborn is delivered. It is designed to contain antibodies and to protect the newborn against diseases. I only choose the purest colostrum available that comes from grass-fed bovines of New Zealand.

I offer sonified enzyme solutions! My research tells me that enzymes may have liposomal capabilities!  A liposome is a tiny bubble that is put through intense sonification, causing bubbles to entrap substances, like enzymes. It may become more stable, more complete, highly and widely distributed, active longer, with substantial bioavailability!

I sonify this blend with vegetable glycerin, to avoid and loss of colostrum compounds. If sonified as a glycerin solution, they become shelf stable and highly absorbable! Tiny capsules may absorb more efficiently into the bloodstream, whereas they can otherwise be loss during digestion. This is a blend for digestion, therefore its intended direction into the body is the stomach, to support digestion, therefore it is only sonified with vegetable glycerin. All of the same cautions will still apply and I would go so far to say that you should be even more cautious. Do not underestimate enzymes, as they can be powerful!

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