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Earth Oxygen Discussion:

We have never seen such a level of dishonesty as that which surrounds these two acids. Every company wants you to think that what they have is superior when in actuality you are paying for a fancy name. There are only more than a handful of companies that manufacture them in the United States. Purchasing from a manufacturer within our boarders may be one of the best sources. We want to be very transparent here. The health claims made by other companies, are not something that we want any involvement in. If you are looking for high-quality acids, we have them, it’s that simple!

As with every other ingredient we use, we only use the best. Some say that humic must be mixed with fulvic to reach the intended outcome. What you are not being told is that fulvic is an extraction from humic. You are also told that some brands are made with a special science, yet the acid chain reactions and formations are a natural occurrence and not something scientifically altered. By making you believe they have something special and unique, they upcharge you a thousand percent! We firmly believe in teaching you about what you are purchasing, whereas it is obvious others have a different strategy in mind! 

Assimilation is the process of attaining our nutrients from an outside source to sustain our complex structures internally. This is the type of support provided by this earthy, hydrating, and all-natural complex was formulated for. Humic and fulvic acids are the results of dismantled plant matter compounds. There are billions of microbes, also known as soil-based probiotics, which specialize in the dissolution of soil compounds, making sustenance readily available for uptake, as plants attain them in nature! This is instinctive nanotechnology, not created in any laboratory. It is established within the soil itself, a naturally occurring process. It is a process that can only be performed and perfected by Mother Nature!

This complex is the recycled and essential compounds of life. The nano-sized composites are delivered on a proverbial, systemic silver platter and they are readily available. The skeleton, or cage structure, contains various dimensional voids that may trap and bind to organic and inorganic constituents. Similar processes of the soil create other effective binders, like black charcoal. Humic and fulvic acids arealso used in wastewater processes, intended to remove toxins from water, due to their binding surface area and superior capabilities. 

These acids have been extensively studied for decades now. They are said to possibly prevent viral replication through the processes of blocking receptor sites. This may keep viral pathogens from binding to and infecting our cells. This theory includes all types of viruses, including retroviral pathogens. Taking other natural detox methods into consideration, like grounding, there may not be a better way to connect with nature than to consume these earthly essentials.

We have always been proud to pioneer many detox methods and remedies, including these two amazing acids. They have always been an ingredient in our BioAssimilate, which is simply these two acids with a touch of citrus pectin. Also, our Pro/Pre~Ease probiotic/prebiotic/enzymatic blend and they have always been the two main components of our VitaMin~Ease ionic vitamin and mineral complex of saturated reverse osmosis seawater. They are popular to use as a detox face mask, which may be a result of our popular 5 clay, peel off, mud mask Plaster of Earth which contains these acids, charcoal, essential oils, and many other amazing ingredients that have helped many over the years.

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Fulvic, Humic, or Both?:

Fulvic Acid Only, Humic Acid Only, 50/50 Blend of Both Fulvic & Humic Acids

Method of Administrations;

4 oz. Powder, 8 oz. Powder, 4 oz. Glycerite, 8 oz. Glycerite, 16 oz. Glycerite, 60 Capsules, 120 Capsules, 240 Capsules


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