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A solution for areas that are forgotten and unconsidered. The modern and infectious pathogens that we deal with have no limitations as to where they my be. It may be some of these forgotten as that they hide, or are unreachable, from all the remedies and tools in your arsenal. We think this is an amazing remedy because it can be used in any posterior area that it may be needed! It is a concentrated additive for your existing and used cleansing methods and solutions, like vaginal douche or enema. We offer our signature scents, which include both the herbal and essential oil versions. That double the effectiveness and benefits, as it is dense with herbs and oils, as well as any carriers needed. It is ready for use and we must say that using warm water in your solution may give optimal results.

This product comes with an option to add organic coffee as well! Coffee is said to stimulate the liver and lower chakras, assisting in clearer energies and detox pathways. Many use coffee for its dumping abilities when it comes to the liver. Enemas themselves can help to clear toxins and waste much more quickly. They may help to release any wasted in the lower colon area. We add a bit of salt to assist in the balancing of pH and electrolyte levels within whichever areas you use it in. Yes, even the vagina and colon have their own preferred pH. They may help to clear any matter, like mucus, as many have shared that even the vagina can create and retain mucus. Cleansing these lower areas may help other parts and systems to run, and dump, more efficiently. 

Please do your own research and get to understand the process, benefits, and most importantly, the cautions of any type of posterior cleansing. We would like to mention a key factor that we discovered, pertaining to enemas. I personally had a completely lazy bowel that caused me to not have a bowel movement for nearly two months. Upon starting enemas, I expelled blackened waste that smelled of death. I realized that they can become addictive, and overused. While they may help, they may cause lazy bowel if used in excess and they may attribute to an overproduction of mucus as well. We advocate that the linings themselves may be producing the mucus, while the pathogens then come in and set up shop. None the less, you may want to find a balance of posterior cleansing that is done with caution so that your body may learn to do the job itself. Enemas are something to be respected and used cautiously, as needed, and with common sense.

Biofilm Grenade is our blend that is intended to bust the biofilm matrix. It has been a very successful blend thus far!

Constipation Solutions may be helpful for those having bowel motivational issues.

Feminine Solutions may be an awesome consideration if you are targeting the vaginal area. It contains echinacea and angelica root, which are two herbs used by many for support with balancing and normalizing vaginal cell normalization.

Fluke~Ease™ contians ingredients that may target fluke pathogens.

Fungal~Ease may be an ideal option for anyone suspecting fungus.

Garlic Tears™ contains garlic and asafoetida, two multidimensiona herbs that target many types of pathogens!

Grapefruit & Lemon are two of the most potent astringent herbs that exist! Astringents may be exactly what is needed to slowly reverse mucus processes!

Homeostase~Ease is our prized signature blend that may do exactly as it sounds, help to bring a balance.

Impurit~Ease is our toxin-binding complex. Toxin binders may be useful when used in many ways!

Lemon & Eucalyptus are two highly suggested herbs for enema use.

For biofilm matrix dissolution support, like Rope Worm, we suggest getting the Rope Solutions™.

Lymph Solutions may offer lymphatic support. For suspected parasites, there is our

Parasite~Ease option to consider.

For probiotic support, our Pro/Pre~Ease may be what your looking for.

Lyme Solutions contains top recommended herbs from top herbalists. There are many other options, and the names of our scents are intended to indicate their intentions.

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Biofilm Grenade™, Constipation Solutions™, Feminine Solutions™, Fluke~Ease™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Grapefruit & Lemon, Homeostase~Ease™, Impurit~Ease™, Lemon & Eucalyptus, Liver~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, Parasite~Ease™, Plasma~Ease™, Pro/Pre~Ease™, Rope Solutions™, Unscented

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