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Enema~Ease Discussion:

A solution for areas that are sometimes forgotten and normally unconsidered. The modern and infectious pathogens that we deal with have no limitations as to where they may be. It may be some hide or are unreachable, from all the remedies and tools in your arsenal, especially in the lower areas like the colon and vagina. This is the case with pinworms, many fight them with oral remedies, unaware of digestion possibly damaging constituents and that some parasites prefer to reside in the lower areas. Saturate your body from the outside-in and downside-up.

We think this is an amazing remedy because it can be used in any posterior area that it may be needed! It is a concentrated additive for your existing and used cleansing methods and solutions, like vaginal douche or enema. These offer effectiveness and benefits, as it is dense with herbs and essential oils.

This product comes with an option to add organic coffee as well! Coffee is said to stimulate the liver and lower chakras, assisting in clearer energies and detox pathways. Many use coffee for its dumping abilities when it comes to the liver. Enemas themselves can help to clear toxins and waste much more quickly. They may help to release any wasted in the lower colon area. They may help to clear any matter, like mucus, as many have shared that even the vagina can create and retain mucus. Cleansing these lower areas may help other parts and systems to run more efficiently. 

Please do your own research and get to understand the process, benefits, and most importantly, the cautions of any method of posterior cleansing. We would like to mention our own experience. I personally had a completely lazy bowel that caused me to not have a bowel movement for nearly two months. Upon starting enemas, I expelled only a black waste that smelled of death. We advocate that the linings themselves may be producing the mucus, while the pathogens then come in and set up shop. None the less, you may want to find a balance of posterior cleansing that is done with caution so that your body may learn to do the job itself. Enemas are something to be respected and used cautiously, as needed, and with common sense.

We would also like to mention that the same variations offered for this product are also featured on our Suppositor~Ease product. They are two different products, this being a liquid and the inserts are solid. The inserts can also be melted down into an enema solution.


(Herbal Blends in Blue / Essential Oils in Teal) (You may see their ingredients & general inforation by clicking on their names)

Alchornea, Sida, Cryptolepis specializes in natural antibiotic compounds. Contains our Bacterial Solutions essential oil blend. 

Biofilm Grenade contains our signature blend, intended to bust the biofilm matrix. Contains our Biofilm Solutions essential oil blend.

Black Seed Zincis a mix of black cumin seed concentrated oil and zinc policinate. Contains our Black Cumin Seed essential oil.

Boric Acid Solutions boric acid is a variation many look for. Contains our Citrus Dew essential oil blend.

Calming Magnesium may be for those having a spastic colon or related issues. Contains our Lavender & Chamomile essential oil.

Constipation Solutions may be for those having bowel motivational issues. Contains our Constipation Solutions essential oil blend.

Drowsy~Ease offers sleep and calm support. Contains our Drowsy~Ease essential oil blend.

Encystment Solutions offers support with encasement processes. Contains our Biofilm Solutions essential oil blend.

Eucalyptus & Lemon are two highly suggested herbs for enema use. Contains our Lemon & Eucalyptus essential oils.

Feminine Solutions support for the vaginal area and feminine processes. Contains our Feminine Solutions essential oil blend.

Fluke~Ease contians ingredients that may target fluke pathogens. Contains our Parasite~Ease essential oil blend.

Frank “N” Myrrh is a mix of two highly medicinal, and respected, resins. Contains our Frank “N” Myrrh essential oil blend.

Fungal~Ease may be an ideal option for anyone suspecting fungus. Contains our Fungal~Ease essential oil blend.

Garlic Tears garlic and asafoetida, multidimensional herbs that target many pathogens! Contains our Garlic Tears essential oil blend.

Grapefruit & Lemon two potent astringents! Astringents may support mucus processes! Contains our Grapefruit & Lemon essential oils.

Hemmorhoidal Solutions offer support with hemorrhoidal structures and processes. Contains our Frank “N” Myrrh essential oil. 

Homeostase~Ease it may do exactly as it sounds, help to bring a balance. Contains our Liver~Ease essential oil blend.

Impurit~Ease is our core cleanse toxin-binding complex. Contains our Citrus Dew essential oil blend.

Innoculation Solutions  offers support with innoculation toxicity. Contains our Citrus Dew essential oil.

Liver~Ease does what it sounds like, which is to offer support for the liver. Contains our Liver~Ease essential oil blend.

Lyme Solutions the top 8 Lyme protocol herbs recommended by Dr. Stephen Buhner. Contains our Lyme Solutions essential oil blend.

Lymph Solutions may offer lymphatic support. Contains our Lymph Solutions essential oil blend.

MediMush 8 medicinal mushrooms some of which are very rare! Contains our Frank “N” Myrrh essential oil.

Mycoplas~Ease mycoplasmal support, according to Dr. Stephen Buhner. Contains our Bacterial Solutions essential oil blend.

Parasite~Ease is for suspected parasite support. Contains our Parasite~Ease  essential oil blend.

Plasma~Ease is our blood cleansing supportive signature blend. Contains our Plasma~Ease essential oil blend.

Pro/Pre~Ease support with reestablishing colon bacteria, as well as dense in enzymes. Contains our Citrus Dew essential oil.

Prostate~Ease offers support with the prostate system and processes. Contains our Frank “N” Myrrh essential oil.

 Replication Termination may help you with viral replication. Contains our Viral~Ease essential oil.

 Rope Solutionssupport for mucus drying and the pathogens within the mucus. Contains our Rope Solutions essential oil blend.

 Tape Solutionssupport for tapeworm infestations. Contains our Tape Solutions essential oil blend.

Toxin Mop offers systemic fungal toxin-mopping support. Contains our Energy~Ease essential oil.

Urinary~Ease offers urinary system support. Contains our Bacterial Solutions essential oil.

Viral~Ease offers support for viral pathogens and their processes. Contains our Viral~Ease essential oil blend.


Candida Solutions  our signature blend of fungal-supportive enzymes. Contains our Fungal~Ease essential oil blend.

CrysaLynn  our world-famous serrapeptase enzymes. Contains our Plasma~Ease essential oil blend.

Glutathione Solutionssuperior antioxidant glutathione, in combination with GABA and Magnesium malate, which are said to prevent the antioxidant from changing its form. A great trio! Contains our Lemon essential oil.

Melatonin Solutions contains the superior antioxidant, melatonin. Contains our Drowsy~Ease essential oil.

Happy Cleansing!




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Alchornea, Sida, Cryptolepis™, Biofilm Grenade™, Black Seed Zinc™, Boric Acid Solutions™, Calming Magnesium™, Candida Solutions™, Constipation Solutions™, CrysaLynn™, Drowsy~Ease™, Encystment Solutions™, Eucalyptus & Lemon, Feminine Solutions™, Fluke~Ease™, Frank "N" Myrrh, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Glutathione Solutions™, Grapefruit & Lemon, Hemmorhoidal Solutions™, Homeostase~Ease™, Impurit~Ease™, Innoculation Solutions™, Liver~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, MediMush™, Melatonin Solutions™, Mycoplas~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Plasma~Ease™, Pro/Pre~Ease™, Prostate~Ease™, Replication Termination™, Rope Solutions™, Tape Solutions™, Toxin Mop™, Urinary~Ease™, Viral~Ease™

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