ParaMite™ Concentrate


Concentrated Anti-Pathogenic Additive

Multi-Pathogenic / Sanitizing / Repelling

Additive For Cleaning Solution, Laundry, Skin, Carpets, & More!


ParaMite Concentrate Discussion

This is recommended for the most extreme cases of pathogen infestations. From itching, movement under the skin and scalp, to sanitizing your living spaces.

When a parasite infestation happens, many don’t understand the processes that may be occurring. The eggs may cause constant reinfection. Thoroughly cleaning the home and everything in it may be key to finally clearing of the home. Eggs may become airborne to adhere to walls, curtains, ceilings, and anywhere else they have the capability to reach. It may be imperative to cleanse everything in the home and other living spaces, including the car!

There are many mites like Demodex, Coembella, Springtails, scabies, and others. It may help repel and to possibly rid of whatever is causing your topical and environmental issues, including parasites!

Mites can reside in microscopic places, including the skin, eyelashes, and they can also infest your environment. There is a misconception that mites can live inside the body, although there is no evidence to support that. Certain species live on the skin’s surface, while others burrow deep into the dermis layer. Many people have an allergy to mite droppings, which may cause internal processes to take place. Reoccurring bites from mites may lower iron levels, which may cause anemia, and ultimately result in cardiac issues.

Many also believe that mites may be attracted to fungus. Many that suffer from mites, many times also suspect an internal fungal issue, whether it be before or after their infestation. The belief could be due to mites lowering immunity, allowing the fungus to thrive, True or not, it is worth looking into for your health!

This solution should be used with care, as it contains powerful ingredients like its essential oils. It just so happens that I have had the pleasure to work with thousands that have battled mites and skin pathogens. Over time, and with feedback, this blend has been perfected. I now use Artemisia annua, which has had the best results reported back for this type of support. There are no options for scent, as it contains 2 signature blends: Mite~Ease & Parasite~Ease

The concentrate comes in a 2, 4, 8, and 16 oz. bottle and lasts a long time. It is recommended to use 1 tsp. for every 8 oz. of liquid. There are 6 tsp. in a 1 oz., allowing you to do the math as to how long your bottle may last or to give you an idea of the size that you may need. You can add as little or as much that is needed to meet your needs. Usage ideas may be, for example, in a detox bath, room spray, cleaning solution for the home, laundry, carpet shampoo, lotion, and some have even reported that they tolerate it in its pure, concentrated form. 

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ParaMite~Ease™ Concentrate Ingredients:

Proprietary Ingredients: Alcohol, WC Wormwood annua extract, WC Yarrow extract (full spectrum), Chrysanthemum blossoms, Elemental Sulfur, Pine gum resin, Diatomite, Asafoetida root, Sunflower oil, Oleic acid, Benzyl benzoate, Serrapeptase enzymes, Mite~EaseTM & Parasite~EaseTM essential oil fragrance.


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