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My Handcrafted Products…

I utilize plant synergy and its assistance to our well being. I choose wildcrafted over organic because, for me, it was the best quality. I spend my spare time wildcrafting rare plants to offer you full-spectrum compounds wherever and whenever I can. I collaborate compounds, as a single herb may help but nothing compares to the teamwork of the multiple plants. They may assist one another. A single compound has limited capabilities.

Every package has attention paid to every detail and batches are made in small portions, some are even made to order. I formulate, keeping aspects in mind, for example, biofilm dissolution, sanitation capabilities, current infectious pathogens, and more.

Please do not take my product names as any type of advice, especially medical. I have attempted to stay with an “~Ease” and “Solutions” theme. I attempt to go as all-natural as I can. In some cases, a gentle preservative is required, otherwise, some products, like lotion, will only last a week. Only the use of the most gentle is used, where necessary.

There is no other company I am aware of today offering you, the consumer, a way to customize your own protocol to meet your every need! Every package includes a replica of my logo, a beautiful peacock feather! If you prefer not to have a feather, please feel free to say so, along with any concerns, desired additives, or questions. Leave me a message in the commenting section, while completing your order with any special requests, and I will do my best to accommodate! Please give me up to 5 days to ship out a package and be patient while I give your order my full attention.