Apitherapeutic Solution

Venom, Pollen, Propolis, & Manuka Honey / Collagen / Medicinal Roots / Enzymes / CoQ10

Support For: Bio-Active Bee Compounds

In Glycerite & Alcohol Options! The Alcohol Version May Offer The Most Bioavailability!

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Do Not Take With An Allergy To Bees! For Those With Sensitivities To Bee Byproducts, Click Here To Be Redirected To Our OralToler~Ease Collagen, Free Of Bee Byproducts. 

We have created this spectacular blend that contains the pollen, manuka honey, propolis, and venom from the bees. It is a saturated collagen base. We have also added intense medicinal roots, CoQ10, and enzymes. The enzymes are Serrapeptase, Cellulase, and Hemicellulase, which dismantle present compounds, breaking them down into “building blocks”. With taking this complex, a large part of digestion’s workload may already be completed. All the body needs to do is identify and rebuild them into the complex structures that it needs, thereafter sending it to where they may be needed the most. It is biologically active!

The bee byproducts, especially the venom, are used in high-end cosmetics, meaning the most expensive. Venom itself is so expensive that most never get the chance to reap from its benefits, yet this product is affordable enough to allow everyone to get the chance to see what venom may do for them. It is considered by many to be one of the most potent anti-aging sources on the planet! Bee venom has its own enzymes, amino acids, peptides, and melittin. Melittin compromises approximately 50% of the dry weight of venom and it is said to have, even in tiny amounts, powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and other effects that most remedies cannot reach. Not only may it help with inflammatory processes but it is also said to strengthen collagen bonds, more so than anything else known! Although, this product should NOT be used by anyone with an allergy to bees! For those most sensitive to bee products, we suggest to go with the OralToler~Ease collagen complex, as stated above.

The collagen complex base has been one of our most successful products thus far. We add bloodroot and pokeroot, due to them being two of the most substantial blood, lymphatic, and organ cleansers we have ever worked with, especially for spleen support. As we know, the spleen is the filter that cleanses our blood, then dumping into the liver, and so on. By supporting these systems, along with the addition of the CoQ10 and enzymes, you may not find anything better that offers advanced and immediate lymphatic and blood/heart support, in our opinion! Imagine the density of magical compounds within, especially once it has been broken down! Don’t forget that the pollens themselves have been used medicinally since ancient times. With every flower the bee pollinates, it takes a part of that plant with them back to the hive!

Lastly, this product has already given results that are nothing short of amazing! This product is the result of attempting to find solutions for a particular issue that we refer to as “Elevated Rope Worm”. This may be a dense biofilm process within the elevated cavities of the body, like the esophagus. Many feel as though a biofilm mat-like matrix that can only be described as “shoestring” mucus, of the nasal and bronchial, cavities and tubes. Science refers to this rubbery mass as “bronchial casts”.  It has the consistency of a “fishing worm” and may sometimes even be mistaken as a parasite. Although it may not be a legitimate “worm”, it may be involved in similar parasitic and pathogenic processes. This may become so dense that it may cause a choking sensation. After long-term and consistent use of this product, feedback has been given stating that this issue seems to almost have diminished completely. Clearly, we have a sense of accomplishment!

You may want to always keep a small bottle handy so that you can add a few drops to transform your personal creams, lotions, and other cosmetic products!

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Alcohol Base (Highest BioAvailability), Glycerin Base


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